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12 years old and 5 months pregnant, Tui Mitcham walks into a freezing lake ... then disappears. Detective Robin Griffin returns home to investigate, but it's not a simple missing persons case. In this breathtaking but remote mountain town, there are evil forces as powerful as the land itself. And those who offer a glimpse of paradise also provide a path to hell. Trapped where happiness and honest work are just out of reach, Griffin must not only find the girl but also face her own haunting past. With the men that she once left behind now standing in her way, every step closer to solving the case unearths a dangerous truth about herself. A 7-part series starring Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter. Written and directed by Academy® award winner, Jane Campion.
12 years old and 5 months pregnant, Tui Mitcham walks into a freezing lake ... then disappears. Detective Robin Griffin returns home to investigate, but it's not a simple missing persons case. In this breathtaking but remote mountain town, there are evil forces as powerful as the land itself. And those who offer a glimpse of paradise also provide a path to hell. Trapped where happiness and honest work are just out of reach, Griffin must not only find the girl but also face her own haunting past. With the men that she once left behind now standing in her way, every step closer to solving the case unearths a dangerous truth about herself. A 7-part series starring Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter. Written and directed by Academy® award winner, Jane Campion.
==Episode 1==
== Cast ==
In the small town of Laketop, New Zealand, a young girl named Tui Mitcham tries to drown herself in a lake. After she is rescued, a school nurse notices that Tui is pregnant. Tui has escaped from a compound where her brothers, Mark and Luke Mitcham, and their father, Matt, are living; they are adjacent to Paradise, where a group women live in shipping containers next to the lake. The Mitchams drown Bob Platt, a local real estate agent, after a confrontation over sale of the land on which Paradise sits.
=== Main ===
*Elisabeth Moss as [[Robin Griffin]]
*David Wenham as [[Al Parker]]
*Peter Mullan as [[Matt Mitcham]]
*Tom Wright as [[Johnno Mitcham]]
*Holly Hunter as [[GJ]]
Robin Griffin, a police inspector from Sydney, is in Laketop visiting her cancer-stricken mother and her mother's volatile boyfriend. Robin is called to interview Tui at the police station, and encounters friction from male police officers. When Robin asks Tui who her baby's father is, she writes "NO ONE" on a piece of paper. Robin tells Sgt. Al Parker, the ranking officer at the station, that Tui's pregnancy is evidence of statutory rape and deserves a full investigation. He is noncommittal, and tells Robin that the best place for Tui at the moment is back at Matt Mitcham's residence.
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Al takes Tui back to the Mitcham compound and tells Matt that she is pregnant. After a confrontation with Matt, Tui steals a gun and leaves his house, ending up at Paradise. Meanwhile, Robin starts her investigation of Tui's pregnancy and visits her mother. Robin meets Johnno Mitcham, who claims that Tui is his half sister. While staying at her father's cabin, Robin receives a bag and a note from Johnno, who is camping nearby. The following morning, Robin rebuffs Johnno when he alludes to a past incident involving her and a group of men. Afterwards, Robin sees Platt's body floating in the lake.
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==Episode 2==
While they wait for the police to arrive, Johnno tells Robin a Maori story about a devil's heart at the bottom of the lake, causing the lake to rise and fall and have waves. Robin reminds Johnno her father died in that same lake. Later, Robin visits the Mitcham compound to speak to Tui, learning that Matt knew Robin's father. Matt lets her into the compound. During their encounter, Matt shoots Bob Platt's dog in front of Robin when she refuses to buy it. Matt tells Robin that he doesn't know where Tui is and declares that no one loves her more than he does – "no one."
After leaving the compound, Robin encounters two women from Paradise. They tell her that Tui was with them the day before, but was gone in the morning. Robin organizes the local authorities to search for Tui. During her own search, Robin walks into the lake and has a vision of Tui doing the same, clenching her fists in the water. While updating the force the following morning, Robin identifies the prime suspects as all of the males in the Mitcham family, as well as a local pedophile named Wolfgang Zanic. While Robin encounters friction from most of the force, she finds an ally of sorts in Al. Later, Johnno appears with Tui's jacket, which was found next to the lake by a search party. Inside the jacket is a broken wishbone.
As she reintegrates into Laketop, Robin overhears the crude misogynistic opinions of the male patrons in a local bar. After some riling, she throws a dart at Mike Bolt, one of the patrons. After leaving, she follows Wolfgang to his secluded cabin, initially assuming that he might be keeping Tui prisoner. Upon meeting Wolfgang, she notices a picture of Tui in his cabin, as he previously taught her dancing. Wolfgang chases Robin out of the cabin, armed with a gun. She calls Johnno, who comes to the cabin and manages to talk Wolfgang into surrendering the gun.
==Episode 3==
Matt Mitcham goes to Paradise and sits in on a session with GJ, the enigmatic leader of the camp. In a mocking tone, Matt asks the group about the human mind; GJ tells Matt that the human mind schemes. Later, Al meets Matt in the middle of the lake in separate boats. Matt tries to deflect attention to Wolfgang Zanic, but Al warns him that a search of the Mitcham compound is inevitable. During the search, Robin examines Tui's room and sees two women leave the house from a bathroom. Robin investigates the bathroom, though Matt appears to distract her.
A local man, Sarge, finds Wolfgang dead. In his cabin, Robin and the police discover vandalism and intimidating messages. They also discover a suicide note, purportedly written by Wolfgang. Wolfgang is found hanging from a tree, with woman's underwear on his head and a shovel below his body. Police uncover a grave nearby, which ends up belonging to a dog.
The police find many videotapes in Wolfgang's cabin. Back at the police offices, Robin watches a video of Tui dancing, then a video of Tui playing and singing in the woods with a person in a blue hooded sweatshirt. Robin brings the tape of Tui dancing home, and calls Al to tell him she has a notion about Tui's "no one" note.
At dinner with Anita, Matt Mitcham asks questions about GJ and the women's camp. They go back to Matt's compound, where Matt reveals he needs medication to have intercourse.
At the compound (the home where Tui grew up), the bathroom has an entry to a drug lab, where one of Matt's sons takes a drug and becomes very affectionate. The son greets Matt and Anita without any clothes on while he keeps telling his brother to talk in the present tense.
Robin inspects the women's passports at the container village at Paradise. GJ tells Robin that Robin will fall hard as a result of the Tui investigation.
Robin finds out her mother has terminal cancer.
On another date, Matt and Anita take ecstasy together. Matt at first is affectionate with Anita, but becomes infuriated when Anita walks on the grave of Matt's mother. There is a belt lying on top of the grave, and Matt uses the belt to whip his back.
Robin has a sexual interaction with Johnno in the bathroom of a local bar. Johnno later tells Robin about his experience in prison in Thailand, including something about his mother bringing him food. Johnno no longer smokes or drinks.
==Episode 4==
Robin has dinner at Al's modern and clean house. Robin tells Al she thinks Tui's note that said "no one" means there are multiple rapists. Al tells Robin that she is getting too involved in the Tui case due to Robin's history. Robin is shocked that most of the town knows she was raped by multiple men when she was 15-years old. Robin tells Al she carried the pregnancy full term after the rape due to her mother's Catholic beliefs against abortion. The child was put up for adoption and Robin's mother did not press charges against the men that raped her daughter.
One of the men that raped Robin was Sarge, the person who had intercourse with one of the ladies from the lake, and who also found Wolfgang dead. Al says a group of local men, including Matt Mitcham, exerted their own form of justice on the rapists since Robin's father was dead.
Robin says it's time for her to go, but she gets dizzy when she stands up and ends up falling. She wakes up in Al's bed in her underwear and in one of Al's shirts. At the office, Robin talks to Al about it. Al says Robin is upset because she is embarrassed.
Later at night, Matt hears crying from Tui's room. Matt at first thinks the crying is Tui; he discovers Anita crying on Tui's bed. Matt demands Anita leaves. At the gate for the women's compound on Lake Paradise, Matt becomes impatient when Anita can't open the gate, and he rams his car through the gate, sending Anita flying. He berates all the women at the camp for defiling the lake with their waste.
Robin's mother wants to see her granddaughter, but Robin refuses.
Robin is back in the local bar. Sarge sits next to Robin at the bar; he doesn't know who she is. After some flirtatious comments from Sarge, Robin breaks her beer glass and stabs him. Johnno comes into the bar and saves her. Al fires Robin the next day, implying he has authority to do so even though Robin is a police officer based out of Sydney.
Robin keeps seeing or having images of the figure in the blue hoodie from the videotape of Tui. The figure with the hoodie throws a bag into a deep hole and shovels dirt on it. Robin visits a kid that previously texted Tui. Robin finds a blue hood on the floor of the kid's trailer. The kid does not speak to adults, and he has rows of wishbones in his apartment, similar to the wishbone Robin found in Tui's coat. On the kid's door is a certificate from working at Al's shop; Tui also had this certificate.
Johnno visits Robin. Robin tells Johnno she is no longer a detective, nor is she getting married. Robin and Johnno reminisce about the night they went to a high school dance together. Robin tells Johnno that her mother did not want Robin to go to the dance with Johnno as Johnno is part of the Mitcham family. After kissing on a dance floor surrounded by deer head mountings, Johnno leaves to go smoke with friends.
Robin tells Johnno she waited for him, but then decided to walk home. When she leaves the dance, a truck approaches Robin. Johnno says he got into the back of the truck with dogs in cages after unsuccessfully trying to talk his way into the cab of the truck. Johnno tells Robin he has something else to say about that night; Robin tells Johnno he is scaring her and that she doesn't want him to tell her.
An out-of-town pathologist[4] meets with Robin in a hotel. He is quite dissatisfied with the local police in Laketop, who refused to follow up on several suspicious autopsies, including those of Bob Platt and Wolfgang Zanic (who was more banged-up than a suicide should be). He also mentions a previously unfamiliar name: 13-year old April Stephens had "traces of cocaine in her vagina" when she was hit by a car and killed. Robin and the pathologist agree that the cocaine was unlikely to have belonged to April. Wealthy people come to the Laketop area, the pathologist says, and "what they want they get," including drugs and underage sex. Robin visits the spot where April died and is almost run over by a car herself.
==Episode 5==
Robin asks Johnno what he wanted to tell her about the night she was raped. Johnno says on the night of the rape he heard Robin screaming and he peed on himself. He says he found a latch to get out of the dog cage in the back of the truck, but he was too afraid to do anything to stop the men from raping Robin. Robin tells him it is alright as he was just a kid and couldn't stop four men. Johnno storms out of Robin's dad's cabin and is shortly in an area with trailer homes. He starts banging on doors and yelling for Sarge. After finding Sarge, Johnno repeatedly pushes him to the ground and tells him to leave and never come back. Sarge gets in his car and drives away. Johnno gets back to Robin and tells her he will walk through the valley of death for her while there will be rainbows above.
Al asks Robin to rejoin the Tui investigation as an out-of-town reporter needs details from the case. Back at the police station, Al asks Robin to marry him.
Robin's mother, her boyfriend and an unidentified woman go to GJ's camp where they find the women living there bathing nude. After Robin's mother joins them, they join a circle of women talking to GJ. GJ tells Robin's mother that death is natural and her body will know what to do, but to get some heroin for the pain.
Robin's mother, her boyfriend and an unidentified woman have dinner at Robin's dad's cabin with Robin and Johnno. The third woman identifies herself as Bob Platt's widow and tells Robin that Bob saw something incredibly scary and was trying to get some money to leave Laketop. Bob sold the plot of land by the lake for two million dollars to the leader of the GJ camp and was planning to leave town. Bob Platt's widow says that the previous high bid for the land was for one million dollars. After this conversation, Robin's mother tells Robin it is imperative that Robin does not have a relationship with Johnno. After Robin's mother leaves, Robin ask Johnno if he signalled the truck on the night of the rape. Johnno doesn't answer and storms out of the cabin.
Matt Mitcham joins his sons Luke and Mark at a table and tells them he is hiring hunters to find Tui. He says he will tell the hunters not to hurt Tui and pay them a $10,000 reward. The sons tell Matt that they have seen Matt passed out on Tui's bed, with Tui walking on top of him. Matt chokes one of his sons and tells them that he loves his daughter. Matt later strikes himself on his back with a belt that he keeps on top of his mother's grave.
Johnno sees a figure with a blue hood paddling across the lake. Johnno gets Robin and they follow the figure across the lake in a canoe. Johnno chases the figure in the woods, but loses him. Robin and Johnno start to have intercourse in the woods amid a large bed of moss, a similar visual from earlier in the series in the videotape of Tui and when Matt was hallucinating on ecstasy. Two local men secretly approach Robin and Johnno and start taking cell phone pictures of the naked couple. Johnno chases the man with the cell phone and forcefully takes it. The two men protest - one man says they need the cell phone - the other man slices Johnno in the leg with a knife. Robin shoots at the men, who run into the woods. Robin bandages Johnno's leg, and instead of leaving via the lake, they walk down a nearby river until they arrive at GJ's camp. Johnno discovers a recent video on the cell phone of Tui appearing at the edge of the woods; the camp women rejoice as they believe the video indicates Tui is still alive.
Robin returns to her dad's cabin to find her mother's boyfriend waiting for her. He tells Robin that her mother died, and that before she died, she called Robin's home phone and left her a message. The mother doesn't tell Robin why she should stay away from Johnno, taking the secret to her grave.
The police arrest Jamie, the kid with the blue hoodie and the bones, for shoplifting. In the interrogation room, Robin asks Jamie why he stole food and why he has roofies. The kid yells at Robin that she doesn't understand anything and starts striking his head against the wall. After Robin leaves the room, Al goes into the room and starts abusing the kid while other cops laugh from the other side of the observation mirror. Robin stops Al - he later admonishes Robin for questioning his authority in front of other officers. Robin tells Al that based on her training for dealing with kids that the right thing to do is to take the kid back home.
Back at his home, Jamie gets upset in front of his mother and starts banging his head against the wall again. The next morning his mother finds her food cabinets and refrigerator empty and Jamie is gone.
Jamie paddles across the lake with large bags. He makes bird calls in a clearing in the woods, and Tui appears and gobbles up food from inside the bags.
==Episode 6==
Robin reveals to Johnno that she plans to make a case against Matt Mitcham so that Tui feels safe enough to come home. Robin refers to a type of "rape" drug that she suspects Matt manufactures. Johnno warns Robin against pursuing this path as Matt's drug business provides much of the town with a livelihood, which would mean Robin would have to leave town if she went after Matt. He also questions why Robin doesn't think that Jamie is Tui's baby's father.
Robin's dead mother's boyfriend, Turangi, arrives at the cabin that previously belonged to Robin's father. Robin and Turangi exchange a hongi, a traditional Maori greeting; this is the first time in the series Robin demonstrates any type of familiarity with Turnangi. Turangi tells Robin he has moved out of her mother's house as the deed for the house is in Matt Mitcham's name, implying a secret connection between the mother and Matt or a debt of some sort to Matt.
Robin takes deceased real estate agent's Bob Platt's computer to a house of friends, who she identifies to Johnno as friends of her brother. This is the first time Robin reveals the existence of a brother. On the computer, the brother's friends find a picture of a scared Bob Platt in a room with a mounted deer head, brown panelling, a brown carpet and two pairs of unidentified naked legs amid a group of unidentified men.
Jamie and Tui visit GJ and the women. Tui tells GJ she doesn't want to be naked when she has the baby after GJ tells Tui the body will know what to do about the baby. The women discover Tui is bleeding, indicating some sort of complication with the baby.
Robin pulls over the van that drives the females in Matt's employ to work. Robin beseeches Jamie's mother, Simone, to testify against Matt. The other females tell Robin that Matt's drug business lifts them out of poverty and that no one will talk to her.
Robin sets up a roadblock down the road from Matt's compound. Three motorcycles speed by the road block without stopping. Soon, the police officers assisting Robin manage to stop Matt's truck, which has three other unknown men in it. Al talks to Matt at the other side of the car while Robin collects identification. Al asks Matt why he brought in outsiders to search for Tui. Matt refuses to submit to a DNA test. Later back at the police garage, Al tells Robin that they should talk about the situation with Matt on his boat later that week.
A group of children rendezvous on the shore of a lake with Jamie and Tui. They happily frolic in the woods and stay the night in a cabin where Tui has been staying. Matt's sons, Mark and Luke, find the kayaks that the children arrived in, and they ambush the children the next morning and demand they tell them where Tui is. The next scene shows Matt's sons wildly throwing plastic chairs up into a tree and into a waterfall while Matt observes from above. Matt is on the phone and tells someone that he will take care of the Robin situation shortly; the camera pans down to his driveway where a large group of bikers is congregating.
Matt assembles his group, and tells them to find his daughter without hurting her.
Al takes Robin out on his boat and they stop in the middle of a lake. Robin asks Al how he can afford his lakefront home. Al says he got it from an American billionaire who had to leave town quickly. Matt emerges from the hold of the boat, scaring Robin and telling her they all need to talk. Johnno soon shows up in a small outboard, and Robin jumps off Al's boat to leave with Johnno. Matt screams at Johnno, "you're no son of mine." Johnno tells Robin that he heard about Matt joining her on Al's boat, and also that Matt's group knows the approximate location of Tui and are closing in.
A group of Matt's soldiers approach Tui's cabin. Tui starts shooting at them. While they take cover, Tui and Jamie switch jackets and leave the cabin. The men mistakenly chase Jamie instead of Tui. During the chase Jamie falls off a mountain ledge to his death. The town mourns Jamie's passing at GJ's compound. Jamie's mother, Simone, tells Robin that Jamie was gay, so there is no way he is the father of Tui's baby. Tui previously told Jamie that she has no idea how the baby got inside of her. Simone tells Robin she will testify against Matt.
Robin tries to find Al around the police office. A worker tells Robin Al is at a meeting at his coffee shop. As Robin approaches Al's group of men at the coffee shop, Al motions towards one of his female employees and the other men nod. The men leave when Robin arrives and Robin tells Al about her plans to go after Matt.
Robin tells Johnno she is worried as Tui is due to give birth. Al tells Robin that Matt wants to confess something to Robin and Robin heads to Matt's compound.
==Episode 7==
Matt Mitcham shows Robin a video of Robin's mother, Jude, in a field of cars and men cavorting with Matt. Matt tells Robin that she is "his seed" and that it was a crazy time. Robin wanders back to the cabin she has been staying in (which previously she thought was her "dad's" cabin) and tells Johnno what Matt said, which implies that Robin and Johnno could be half brother and sister.
Robin goes to work in the police station the next day and tells Al what Matt told her. Al says that he thought it was appropriate for Matt to tell Robin himself, and that was the purpose of the earlier boat trip. Robin tells Al she still wants to pursue a case against Matt as she now has people willing to testify, notably dead Jamie's mother Simone. Al removes Robin from the case as he says she cannot lead a case against a person who could be her father. Al puts on a show of pulling other officers into his office and asking them to assume a potential case against Matt. Robin puts her badge on Al's desk and storms out. She is distraught and after heavy drinking lakeside and locking herself out of her car she makes it to GJ's compound.
The next day Robin tells GJ she doesn't know if she can go on living as she is not the person she thought she was. GJ has no sympathy; she tells Robin to not think too much, to just "be" and to not feel sorry for herself. GJ launches into an assault against other women in the camp, saying they all have their problems but are living with a useless sense of hope to rekindle something in their past that they lost. GJ mocks the idea of paradise, as the compound is on the shore of a lake called paradise, yet still has its problems.
A helicopter in Matt's employ spots a local man entering the woods with supplies that could be for Tui's newborn baby. In the woods, Tui gives birth to a baby boy, Noah.
Matt is visibly upset at his house and berates his sons, telling them they have "nothing" as they don't know what true love is. Matt storms out of the house after a physical confrontation with both of his sons; one yells that he hates him. One of the sons, Luke, calls Johnno to tell him where Matt is going to find Tui.
Johnno and Robin find Matt's truck in the woods. Matt finds Tui sleeping with her baby in a tent and he takes the baby from Tui. Johnno and Robin hear a baby crying and find Matt pointing a gun at the baby. Before Robin can shoot Matt, Tui shoots him from behind while hissing like a cat. She also grazes Johnno with a shot and seems intent on shooting Robin, but Robin manages to calm her down.
Al shows up at GJ's camp with results of DNA tests. He claims the tests show Matt is the father of Tui's baby, but not the father of Johnno. Al leaves with Tui and her friends to go get pizza and have a sleepover. Robin gets nervous when she can't reach Tui; she also takes a closer look at the pictures on the wall of Al's coffee shop and recognizes some men in a group picture from the picture on Bob Platt's computer.
Robin rushes to Al's house. Al tries to prevent her from entering and Robin shoots Al. Robin sees a pill bottle labeled "roofies" on Al's counter and finds Tui, who woke up from sleeping on the couch. Robin goes downstairs and finds grown men in a room with passed out teenagers who are in various stages of undress.
Back at GJ's compound by Lake Paradise, GJ starts to walk away from the camp. Tui sees her, and runs after her and tries to get her to stay. GJ tells Tui to listen to her baby, and walks away.

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Season 1
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12 years old and 5 months pregnant, Tui Mitcham walks into a freezing lake ... then disappears. Detective Robin Griffin returns home to investigate, but it's not a simple missing persons case. In this breathtaking but remote mountain town, there are evil forces as powerful as the land itself. And those who offer a glimpse of paradise also provide a path to hell. Trapped where happiness and honest work are just out of reach, Griffin must not only find the girl but also face her own haunting past. With the men that she once left behind now standing in her way, every step closer to solving the case unearths a dangerous truth about herself. A 7-part series starring Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter. Written and directed by Academy® award winner, Jane Campion.




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