Matt Mitcham
Matt Mitcham.jpg
Matt Mitcham
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Spouse(s) N/A
Parents N/A
Children Johnno Mitcham (son)

Luke Mitcham (son)
Mark Mitcham (son)
Tui (daughter)
Noah (son)
Robin Griffin (daughter)

Appearances Season 1
Portrayed by Peter Mullen

Matt Mitcham is the father of Tui and Noah. Known around town for being narcissistic, violent and controlling, he is capable of both a rough-hewn charm and horrific flashes of rage. Matt lives by his own rules and is enmeshed in self-pity and a twisted sense of entitlement. Abrasive and wiley, he exudes a constant sense of menace. He has a deep bond with the land called Paradise, and with his late mother, who is buried there.

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