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''Episode 2'' is the first episode of the [[Season 1]] of ''Top of the Lake''
''Episode 2'' is the second episode of the [[Season 1]] of ''Top of the Lake''

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Episode 2 is the second episode of the Season 1 of Top of the Lake


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While they wait for the police to arrive, Johnno tells Robin a Maori story about a devil's heart at the bottom of the lake, causing the lake to rise and fall and have waves. Robin reminds Johnno her father died in that same lake. Later, Robin visits the Mitcham compound to speak to Tui, learning that Matt knew Robin's father. Matt lets her into the compound. During their encounter, Matt shoots Bob Platt's dog in front of Robin when she refuses to buy it. Matt tells Robin that he doesn't know where Tui is and declares that no one loves her more than he does – "no one." After leaving the compound, Robin encounters two women from Paradise. They tell her that Tui was with them the day before, but was gone in the morning. Robin organizes the local authorities to search for Tui. During her own search, Robin walks into the lake and has a vision of Tui doing the same, clenching her fists in the water. While updating the force the following morning, Robin identifies the prime suspects as all of the males in the Mitcham family, as well as a local pedophile named Wolfgang Zanic. While Robin encounters friction from most of the force, she finds an ally of sorts in Al. Later, Johnno appears with Tui's jacket, which was found next to the lake by a search party. Inside the jacket is a broken wishbone.

As she reintegrates into Laketop, Robin overhears the crude misogynistic opinions of the male patrons in a local bar. After some riling, she throws a dart at Mike Bolt, one of the patrons. After leaving, she follows Wolfgang to his secluded cabin, initially assuming that he might be keeping Tui prisoner. Upon meeting Wolfgang, she notices a picture of Tui in his cabin, as he previously taught her dancing. Wolfgang chases Robin out of the cabin, armed with a gun. She calls Johnno, who comes to the cabin and manages to talk Wolfgang into surrendering the gun.


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